Secure Software
Supply Chain Management

Accurate Detection, Easy Correction with SBOM Generation

Why Labrador?

Manage your software supply chain more easily and safely with Labrador!

1. Software Transparency

  • Secure SW supply chain management needs
  • SW supply chain attack including ransomware and backdoor
  • Safe and clear SW supply chain management with accurate SBOM


2. Open Source Clearing

  • Open source security vulnerabilities
  • License compliance issues


  • Accurate and safe risk management with patented technologies


3. Simple Software Solution

  • Secure all phases of software development life cycle(SDLC)
  • Complicated SW environments
  • Easy to use for all: developers, auditors, even executives and ordinary users
  • Drag and drop analysis function

How Labrador Works

Labrador is the only software composition analysis (SCA) tool
that analyzes and fixes vulnerabilities at the code level

  • Step 1: Input

    Through cloud or on-premise services, the software source code, zip file or CLI will be analyzed by the Labrador scanner.

  • Step 2: Extract

    The Labrador Engine will then extract all the necessary information for an accurate SBOM.

  • Step 3: Detect

    With the CENTRIS© & VUDDY© technologies, vulnerabilities and license violations are detected up to 93% accurately.

  • Step 4: Correct

    Finally, through the Organization Policy Management system, vulnerabilities and licenses issues can be corrected with patch backporting and license management.

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