LABRADOR LABS Introduction

LABRADOR LABS started as an academic research collaboration project to construct an automated analysis system to detect known and unknown vulnerabilities. LABRADOR LABS was founded to contribute to domestic and global software development environments by utilizing the creative and innovative technologies that have been manifested from the laboratory.

LABRADOR LABS’ never-seen-before technologies provide the optimal environment that DevOps process requires to remediate vulnerabilities and license issues. Our software vulnerability analysis provides monitoring and analysis at every stage of DevOps by using platform approach method to apply security from the beginning of SDLC.

Not only does this solution analyzes and lists vulnerabilities but also it also provides the keys to fix those problems for everyone to remediate the vulnerabilities quickly and safely.

LABRADOR LABS’ integrated management system provides R&D centered environment and business insights through a variety of analysis and statistics data generated at each stages. Today’s efforts and innovations is tomorrow’s secure technologies offered to you.

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Apr. 2023

Won a IVAS implementation contract from
Samsung Card

Mar. 2023

Won a IVAS implementation contract from
Samsung Securities

Aug. 2022

Changed company name (IOTCUBE to LABRADOR LABS)

Jun. 2022

Won "New SW Product Grand Prize"
(Award from Ministry of Science and Technology)

Jun. 2022

Acquired GS certification Grade 1

Apr. 2022

Won a IVAS implementation contract from
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

Dec. 2021

Labrador 2.0 launched

Aug. 2021

Labrador 2.0 Beta Version launched at 5th IOTCUBE Conference

Mar. 2021

IOTCUBE raises 4 billion KRW in Series-A funding (Industrial Bank of Korea and 3 VCs)

Aug. 2020

Grand Prize for Korea’s Excellent Patent awarded

Aug. 2019

Labrador 1.0 launched at 3rd IOTCUBE conference

Oct. 2018

Ministry of SMEs and Startups TIPS investment attraction
(TIPS: Tech Incubator Program for Startup)

Mar. 2018

IOTCUBE established by Korea University (KU) holdings
as a spin-off from

Nov. 2017

Participated as a founding member of LA Smart City Consortium (I3)

Apr. 2016

IOTCUBE public service launched

Jun. 2015

International research center CSSA was established

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