Labrador Fuzzer Process

Labrador Fuzzer will efficiently analyze your wireless networks vulnerabilities through fuzzing.

Labrador Fuzzer Features

Stateful Fuzzing

By transmitting the packet that is adjusted to the fuzzing target, Labrador Fuzzer enables rapid search of the vulnerability. The existing fuzzing method resets the connection after transmitting an abnormal message, transmit and receive a normal message to and from a specific state, and then transmit an abnormal message.

Smart Fuzzing Algorithm

If a random variation occurs for the entire area without weight, the fuzzing time increases, but the probability of a crash decreases. So, smart variant-based fuzzing is performed to increase crash probability

Crash Replay

In the event of a crash, the probability of reproduction is increased by performing the same process based on the corresponding history. The reproduction of the crash occurrence message will facilitate the verification and reproduction of the status quo.

Background Fuzzing

When the fuzzing starts, it works regardless of the UI module. If you enter the UI module provided through the web, you can check the status in progress. Minimize external interference in the fuzzing process that takes place for a long time.

Supported Protocols



And more protocols coming soon

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