AUTOCRYPT has announced an R&D business agreement with IOTCUBE, a software supply chain management solution provider, in response to vehicle open source software security threats.

Autocrypt & IOTCUBE CEOs signed R&D partnership agreement for automotive security worldwide.

In 2018, IOTCUBE (now Labrador Labs) was established as a spin-off of Korea University’s Software Security Research Center(CSSA). Since 2015, the CSSA has been conducting joint research with Carnegie Mellon University in the USA, Federal Institute of Technology Zürich in Switzerland, and Oxford University in England. IOTCUBE is an automatic vulnerability analysis platform that analyzes down to the function level vulnerability in open source software. Labrador, its flagship solution, uses its own Korean and overseas patented technologies to provide SBOM (Software Bill of Materials). Labrador solutions not only detects software vulnerabilities but also provides information on code-correction measures and preventive risk management.


Autocrypt, on the other hand, has been conducting research on open-source vulnerability analysis and response for automobiles to strengthen open-source security, also widely used in automotive software development.

This year alone, in response to the increasingly stringent automobile security regulations worldwide and the mandatory submission of SBOM in the US, Autocrypt has been providing security consulting to about 20 manufacturers and parts makers, representing the mass production of over 15 million security-equipped vehicles.

“As over 99% of the currently developed software uses open source, the risk factors are latent, such as the recent Log4j vulnerability”, and adding, “Open-source security will be a strong competitive edge for Autocrypt in the development of automotive-only software that requires perfect security”.

Eui-Seok Kim, Autocrypt CEO

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Excerpt from original article (Korean) :
Daily Security – Autocrypt & IOTCUBE R&D Partnership