Through the brand name change, the software vulnerability expert strengthens its image of software supply chain management

The software supply chain security enterprise IOTCUBE (CEOs: Jinseok Kim and Heejo Lee) became Labrador Labs on August 30th, 2022. Two week prior, on August 18th, during an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, the company name change was finalized.


Since its inception in 2018, Labrador Labs has provided a software safety management platform that can detect and easily patch vulnerabilities and licensing risks in open-source software. Labrador Labs provides transparency in the Software Supply Chain Management through SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) that contains all software components and its in-house developed service, “Labrador OSS v2.0” has recently received the first grade of the GS certification, a recognition for providing the highest quality of service.

Labrador Labs, through the company name evolution, will further strengthen its image as a company expert in software security vulnerabilities. The Labrador Labs’ name contains the will to commit, as a global leader, to accurately detecting and eliminating software security vulnerabilities.

Labrador Labs, through its company name’s change, will expand its area of expertise not only to open-source software but also to containers and binary, with the final goal of developing a unified platform that can manage all kinds of software.

“The company name’s change will transform us into an international company that offers the highest level of service in the area of software security vulnerabilities assessment”.

Kim Jin Seok, Labrador Labs CEO
About Labrador Labs

Labrador Labs was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of Korea University’s Software Security Lab (CSSA). Since its creation, it has provided Labrador OSS, an open-source security solution that accurately detects vulnerabilities and licensing issues and, automatically provides patch methods. Moreover, Labrador OSS has been recognized for its competitiveness by Korean public institutions through its unique technology such as 3-layer vulnerability analysis. Customers such as the Korean Ministry of defense and Korea Telecom has brought technical recognition to Labrador Labs. Labrador Labs is currently increasing its technical expertise through its continuous collaboration with Korea University Security Research institute and actively promoting its services worldwide. 

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